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Bio-Communications Center: the Ondamed and Biofeedback

ONDAMED is a German biofeedback device that the practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound and pulsed electromagnetic fields cause a response in a patient's autonomic nervous system, which shows as a response in the pulse. Stimulation by these frequencies promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and rehabilitation that promotes healing and assists in bringing the body to its former state of wellness.

Treatment with the ONDAMED reduces chronic pain, helps heal injuries, improves organ dysfunction and assists the ability of the body to heal itself in every aspect. Treatment with these frequencies improve cell health, brain function, organ and nerve function and promote general wellness. For more information go to

Smoking Cessation Program—for those really ready to stop smoking

An unusual but very effective program to stop smoking is guaranteed to work or your money back. By utilizing 2 treatments by the Ondamed and one chelation therapy, cravings are gone.


Biofeedback is often used for chronic pain, headaches and migraines, stress and anxiety reduction, TMJ dysfunction, and blood pressure reduction.

Biofeedback is a technique that trains people to improve their health by learning to control certain bodily processes that normally happen involuntarily, such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature. Electrodes attached to your skin measure these processes and display them on a monitor. With help from a biofeedback therapist, you can learn to change your heart rate or blood pressure, for example. At first you use the monitor to see your progress, but eventually you will be able to achieve success without the monitor or electrodes.


Neurofeedback is a form of retraining the brain wave patterns to improve problems such as ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety, closed head injuries, addictions, headaches and migraines, etc.

Neurofeedback is provided to our patients by the Vanguard Center for Neurological Medicine. Visit or call 1-877-870-BRAIN for more information.

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